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Fund A Wish
One Wish Project's 3rd Annual Light A Candle Gala

Please support our desired growth so thousands more deserving kids can experience pure joy.

All donations are tax-deductible


Sponsor A Birthday

This is a wonderful opportunity to help make a difference in the life of a deserving child living in a homeless shelter or foster care. This program allows you to recognize and celebrate a child/teen on their birthday by delivering a customized birthday celebration complete with a cake and presents.

In Your Honor.png

...someone special
...someone's birthday
...someone's Bar Mitzvah
...someone's Anniversary
...a loved one's passing
...any celebration!

In lieu of presents, direct your family and friends to make a difference in a deserving child/teen's life by donating to One Wish Project. The recipient will receive an acknowledgement letter notifying them of the donation made in their honor.



Shop Our Wishlist

Help us celebrate a child's birthday by purchasing some of his/her favorite toys that we festively wrap and deliver!  Click on the Shop button below.


Toy Donation

Maybe you still have some unopened/unused toys your child received at his/her last birthday party? Maybe some toys left over from last year's holidays? If you are looking to re-home these toys, One Wish Project would love to have them and pass them on to our deserving children.


Employee Appreciation Program

A wonderfully creative way to honor your employees is to make a difference in a child/teen's life by making a donation to One Wish Project in their honor.


Corporate Sponsorship

Sustainability and Growth are our two critical goals. Business owners of any size who believe in the efforts One Wish Project is making in the lives of so many children can provide reliable funding to allow us to continue on our mission.


Host A Toy Drive

Bring your family, friends, schools, and your community together and host a toy drive. This is a simple and impactful way to support our children.

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