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What Makes One Wish So Special?

For as long as I can remember, my birthdays always made me feel special. I loved the extra attention from my family and friends.  My parents always made sure I had a very festive cake and I always received whichever were my favorite toys that year. My day was filled with pure joy…the kind of joy every child should feel on their birthdays.
While there are so many wonderful organizations that support and recognize children living in homeless shelters, One Wish Project is distinctively unique and a one-of-its-kind in the Northeast. One cake, one child, one celebration at a time is what we do.  I want each child to experience that same joy that I did, and still do, on their birthdays and know that there are people and a community that cares for them.
What do you want these children to know about YOU?
It’s not so much what I want them to know about me but rather about themselves. I want them to know that they are important, they are recognized, they are worthy, and they are special. I want them to FEEL that their current circumstances do not define them.
American Red Cross of Massachusetts, Youth Hero Award
The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, Bronze Award
Boston Celtics, Heroes Among Us
MaryJo Brown Foundation, Grand Winner
Sonia Schreiber Weitz Upstander Award Finalist

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Claudia Mintz, Hannah's Mom, has been part of the One Wish Project from the beginning. Since Hannah was only 14 years old when she started, Claudia drove her to all the supermarkets and stores, set up all necessary financial accounts, created social media pages, accompanied Hannah to all the shelter drop offs, and so many other things that Hannah was unable to do as a minor. As Hannah transitioned to college in the Fall of 2020, One Wish Project moved to a volunteer-based organization. During the months Hannah is away at school, Claudia oversees the daily operations of the organization and manages the volunteer program.

One Child

One Cake

One Celebration

at a time


Sharing an important message

Throughout her high school years, Hannah spoke to hundreds of young children sharing her message that "you are never too young to get involved". Hannah became a sought-after guest speaker within her community at elementary schools, PTO groups, Brownie/Girl Scout/Cub/Eagle Scout Troop meetings, Girls On The Run, and so many more youth organizations. Sharing her story of how she started the One Wish Project at just 14 years old, Hannah explained that they too can get involved without having to start a non-profit organization. Holding doors for people, helping their parents at home, joining a student sitting alone at the lunch table, and calling a grandparent just to say "I love you" are just a few examples Hannah shared with the children of how they can start now to give back, and more importantly, to be kind.

Who We Serve

Lazarus House


Celebrating approximately 8-10 children/year

La Casa Nueva Vida

Essex Street, Lawrence

Celebrating approximately 30 children/year

La Casa Nueva Vida

57 & 59 Jackson Street, Lawrence

Celebrating approximately 60 children/year

La Casa Nueva Vida

53 Glen Road

Jamaica Plain, MA

Celebrating approximately 10 children/year

The FINA House/Teen Parenting Program (TPP)

Celebrating approximately 16 children/year

YWCA Domestic Abuse Shelter

Celebrating approximately 20 children/year

Department of Children and Family Services
280 Merrimack Street, Lawrence

Celebrating over 100 foster care children

Department of Children and Family Services
3 Ferry Street, Haverhill

Celebrating over 125 foster care children


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