Hannah Finn


In May, 2017, the One Wish Project partnered with the Lazarus House in Lawrence, MA to provide a special birthday experience to children and young teen residents.  Along with a custom homemade cake,  the organization provides the recipient with party decorations and presents, all of which helps make each child feel truly special.  The One Wish Project has since  partnered with five additional shelters  enabling us to recognize and celebrate more than 130 birthdays! 


When I started high school, I wanted to set some new goals for myself.   Working hard to get good grades, challenging myself in new ways, and getting involved.  I also understood  the importance of community service and believed this was my time to get involved.  I chose to use my passion for baking to help others.  Ever since I was little, my Mom always made sure my brothers and I felt special on our birthdays. I want these children to feel the same way on their birthdays despite their current circumstances.