Making Birthdays Sweeter For Children in Homeless Shelters and Foster Care

Our Mission

To provide the joys of a birthday celebration to children experiencing homelessness who may not otherwise have one. We are committed to instilling self-esteem and self-worth in each of these children with a custom celebration that is as unique as each of them.

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Proudly Sponsored by Magic106.7

In December, 2021, Boston's top radio show, Magic 106.7's Morning Magic Show partnered with One Wish Project for an on-air toy fundraiser called #OneMagicalWish. It was an overwhelming success with over 2,300 toys donated from their dedicated and generous listeners all throughout Massachusetts. These toys have been going to hundreds of deserving children living in shelters and foster care so they feel recognized and celebrated on their birthdays. On the heels of this success, Magic 106.7 became our Media Sponsor and we could not be more excited and grateful.

In June, 2021, The Morning Magic Team of Sue Tabb, David O'Leary, and Kendra Petrone emceed our1st Annual Light A Candle Gala making it a night to remember! We look forward to working with this amazing team as One Wish Project continues to expand to reach so many more children and teens who should know the joys of being celebrated on the one day that belongs to them!


At 14, when I started high school, I wanted to set some new goals for myself.  Working hard to get good grades and challenging myself in new ways were my priorities. My mother always encouraged me and my two older brothers to get involved in a community-related service that would provide us with opportunities to help others who are experiencing difficulties in life. I knew this was not only a great opportunity to get involved in something meaningful but a way to break out of my comfort zone. I chose to use my love for baking to celebrate the birthdays of children living in homeless shelters.

For as far back as I can remember, my parents always made me feel special on my birthdays. Not all children are as fortunate as I have been. The town I have grown up in is less than two miles from one of the poorest cities in Massachusetts where there are dozens of homeless shelters. I know that the families who live there struggle to provide a home, food, and security for their children, let alone a birthday party. I can only imagine the stress that must fill their lives daily. One Wish Project was born from my idea that I would celebrate the birthdays of these children who are living in circumstances that are beyond their control. Along the way, I hope I can alleviate just a little stress off the shoulders of the parent(s) who just wants to see his/her child happy and feeling extra special on their birthday.

Meet Hannah

Making A Difference

One Cake At A Time

Celebrating the birthdays of over 250 deserving children a year in Massachusetts


The First Delivery

April 29, 2017 at the Lazarus House

With her babysitting money, Hannah purchased what she needed to bake her very first birthday cake and purchase presents for 9-year old Abrian. Since then, Hannah has baked over 200 cakes for very deserving children.


Celebrating 5 Years

June 3, 2022 at the Lazarus House

What a difference 5 years makes. Since that first partnerhip with the Lazarus House in 2017, One Wish Project has expanded to seven additional shelters and the Department of Children and Families.

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